HR Director

  • Eddy
  • Full-time

Job Summary:

The Human Resources Director is a generalist position.  It is both an administrative and professional position with duties and responsibilities that include the overall management and operations of the human resources (HR) department. Responsibilities involve a wide range of personnel and related projects, duties and functions associated with the field of Human Resources, within rules, regulations and guidelines established by federal, state, county and local governments.  Consults with the Executive Director, makes practical recommendations and takes required action on assigned projects and responsibilities.  Must be knowledgeable of Southeast NM Community Action Corporation (SNMCAC) and each funding agency’s policies and regulations pertaining to HR. Maintains in-depth knowledge of legal requirements related to day-to-day management of employees, reducing legal risks and ensuring regulatory compliance.  Must be able to exercise independent judgment within scope of authority and perform all duties with minimal supervision.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Human Resources Management, Social Work, or related field.
  • Professional in Human Resources (PHR) or Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification.
  • In addition, must have five (5) years of exempt level experience as a Human Resources manager or director.
  • Experience with HR administration supporting an organization of at least 50 people.
  • Knowledge of federal and state of New Mexico laws, regulations and guidelines including but not limited to EEOC, ADA, FLSA, FMLA, COBRA and OSHA.
  • Knowledge of office skills which includes the following, but not limited to: Computer, Word, Windows, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Filing, faxing, calculator and record keeping.

Additional Knowledge, Skills and Characteristics:                          

  • Ability to work in a collaborative manner.
  • Strong facilitation and conflict resolution skills and the ability to negotiate between diverse perspectives.
  • Demonstrated ability to speak before diverse audiences.
  • Ability to express self, in English, in a clear, concise, understandable manner, both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to interact with children and adults in a positive, courteous and professional manner.
  • Reflects a pleasant attitude that represents SNMCAC in a positive manner within the community at large, and maintain a professional attitude to the employees, clients and public at all times. Projects the same positive manner while attending community activities, training functions, seminars and conferences.
  • Compassionate in accomplishing the objectives and goals of SNMCAC.
  • Ability to gain and uphold the confidence and trust of vulnerable populations.
  • As a condition of employment, must meet SNMCAC’s vehicle liability insurance standards

Requirements that must be satisfied prior to attaining regular employment status:

  1. Three professional references
  2. Proof of educational credentials/degree (per job requirement)
  3. Drug and Alcohol pre-screen test (per job requirement)
  4. Local Police Report
  5. Background & Reference Checks
  6. Driver’s License in Good Standing
  7. Insurable by agency auto insurance standards
  8. Proof of current vehicle liability insurance
  9. Proof of US citizenship, or eligibility to work in the US.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Consistently ~ Occupation requires this approximately 66% – 100% of the time

  • Responsible for the overall management and operation of the human resources department in accordance with agency and funding source guidelines/regulations.
  • Trains and develops HR Staff.
  • Keeps Executive Director informed and provides her/him regular updates about the status of assigned activities.
  • Ensures compliance with equal employment opportunity requirements.
  • Develops and manages performance management processes that supports risk management, ensures goal achievement, produces quality outcomes and services and reflects best practice for our agency. Performance management systems include, but are not limited to:
    • Performance evaluation
    • Performance Improvement – or Development Plans
    • Corrective Actions
    • Grievance proceedings
    • Appeal proceedings
  • Develops and implements employee morale and health promotion programs.
  • Develops and conducts training relating to HR issues.
  • Develops, implements and conducts an agency safety program.
  • Oversees pre-employment and subsequent drug & alcohol testing as determined by current policies and federal and state laws.
  • Oversees and ensures timely, accurate reporting of Workers Compensation and general liability insurance claims.
  • Oversees and ensures the collection, preparation and maintenance of complete and accurate records, including training files as required by administrative regulation, agency policy and state and federal entities.
  • Oversees recruitment activities, benefit administration and leave administration (FML, WC, LWOP, etc.).
  • Oversees and ensures complete and accurate computerized (Abra HR) and TimeForce records.
  • Ongoing – Monitors and audits human resources programs and activities for compliance to applicable laws and regulations. Monitors processes and procedures to ensure effective and efficient operations.
  • Serves as a role model for employees, children, parents, clients and community partners.
  • Maintains good work habits through timeliness and low absenteeism.
  • Punctual at all times.
  • Develops and maintains a positive, professional working relationship with the staff, clients and community.
  • Facilitates open communication with employees, parents, clients and community partners.
  • Knowledge of SNMCAC’s, procedures, performance standards and NM state licensing regulations.
  • Complies with SNMCAC’s Confidentiality Policy assuring that the agency’s, children, family and employee records and information are protected at all times.
  • Understands, accepts, implements and promotes SNMCAC’s Mission Statement, program goals, philosophy and objectives.

Frequently ~ Occupation requires this approximately 33% – 66% of the time:

  • Conducts, in conjunction with applicable staff, orientation and training for new employees.
  • Monitors and supervises directors in the hiring and termination of employees.
  • Reviews and initials off all change of status notices, including wage changes.
  • Coordinates policy development related to HR functions of the agency and updates such policies as necessary to maintain compliance with grant agreements and federal and state laws.
  • Monitors employee tardiness and attendance. Collaborates with directors to ensure policy compliance in both areas.
  • Assists Executive Director with special projects and training and development efforts as requested.
  • Participates in community activities to promote agency goals.
  • Visits agency sites to evaluate the effectiveness of the services being provided.
  • Carries out any and all other assignments to meet the goals and objectives of the Southeast NM Community Action Corporation.

Occasionally ~ Occupation requires this up to 33% of the time:

  • Covers duties of HR Coordinator(s) when staff is absence or position is vacant.
  • Updates job descriptions for positions as necessary.
  • Develops reviews and updates interview questionnaires as necessary.
  • Develops new employee benefits as necessary.
  • Participates in the development of compensation plans and schedules.
  • Conducts a wage comparability study for all agency positions every two years.
  • Participates in on-going self and program assessment in order to enhance personal skill and program development/improvement.
  • Participates in workshops, in-service training, as well as, other personal and professional growth opportunities.
  • Attends all required/assigned local and out-of-town SNMCAC functions, training and staff meetings.