Thoughtful senior woman sitting on sofa at home

Respite really means RE SPIRIT!

We know that caring for an aging family member is one of the toughest jobs in the world. We see it every day; the stress in the shoulders and new worry lines on the faces of family caregivers. Heroes, not only are they doing a balancing act, juggling career, kids, and their own health and well-being, but they are making daily decisions that determine the quality of life for their loved one. If you are raising your children AND helping your aging parents, you’re like 1 in every 8 Americans aged 40-60, who are being pulled in a dozen different directions at once. Whether dealing with cancer, dementia, diabetes, or any of the myriad of issues that may face us as we age, caregiving is always a stressful and an intensely emotional journey. It takes a toll on everyone in the family, not just the caregiver. Everyone needs a break now and then, but especially family caregivers who have taken on the demanding and stressful role of caring for a loved one day in and day out. The adult respite facility provides an opportunity for seniors to avoid early institutionalization by allowing caregivers a safe place to leave their loved one in order to maintain employment or daily activities.

Benefits to Seniors & Caregivers

The Carlsbad Adult Day Care provides the following benefits:

  • Allows seniors to remain in their homes longer and avoid early institutionalization
  • Helps delay, or eliminate entry into the costly Long Term Care system
  • Supports caregivers who must maintain employment
  • Provides respite to full time caregivers
  • Provides a safe, enjoyable environment for seniors needing care
  • Provides opportunities for the senior to have social interaction with peers
  • Maintains a quality of life for a senior while being able to live in their own home
  • Provides nutritious well-balanced meals

Benefits For The Community

  • Allows eligible individuals to receive support and services in a central location, eliminating the need to move into an alternative setting. In many cases this is more cost effective than either the institutional or home care options.
  • Fulfills the public policy objective of giving support to family caregivers by providing them with opportunities for respite or work.
  • Provides a marketing tool for the “Retire in Carlsbad’ Initiative

Our Impact

Don’s Story – Our caregivers strive to provide a pleasant environment for all clients. A  Vietnam Veteran, Don, was enrolled at our adult respite facility. While attending Don began to become agitated at his caregiver and program director. Don often lacked self control in regards to his emotions and frequently lashed out at those around him. On this particular day the Director came up with an innovative idea to combat Don’s demeanor. She remembered that Don had told her stories of using the NATO Phonetic Alphabet  during his service in the military. Don would often cite the alphabet throughout the day. Rather than speaking to Don about calming down the Director said “Delta Oscar November.” The client paused for a  moment then replied that’s Don. The Director continued the conversation by telling Don that he was a kind man. Don agreed and his disgruntled mood began to change. The Director asked Don what her name was. The client seemed unsure of the answer. The Director recited her name using the NATO Pheonetic Alphabet.   After a few seconds of thinking Don smiled and said her name. From that point forward when Don would become agitated the adult respite staff would quickly say Delta Oscar November to help Don refocus and be able to express himself without aggravation.

SNMCAC and the Carlsbad Adult Respite were the biggest help for my father. We are so grateful for their services.CARLSBAD RESIDENT

If you would like more information or to enroll at the Carlsbad Adult Respite please contact Olga Venegas at (575) 887-0506 or (575) 689-5861