Community Services Emergency Assistance

 2018 01 09 kabinett starke familien

When Andrew lost his job he fell into a deep depression. He had been working in the oil and gas industry but was laid off due to a personal injury. With six years of job stability and a steady income, he had been financially supporting himself, his wife and his three children. But when he lost his job, his world started crumbling. He could no longer afford his rent payment and found himself  facing homelessness. He became anxious and depressed as he struggled to find stability. Fortunately, Andrew was able to turn to the Southeast NM Community Action Corporation and find the support he needed to get back on his feet. Andrew received one-time funding towards his past due rent thanks to the Community Services Block Grant and was able to keep his family safe in their home. And, with a referral to the New Mexico Workforce Connection, Andrew was able to find a new career path to help sustain his financial stability.


“SNMCAC provided assistance when I needed it the most”Hobbs Resident