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About this program

Foster Grandparents are the people children in need depend on for love, wisdom, and support. In schools, hospitals, drug treatment centers, correctional institutions, Head Start and day care centers, Foster Grandparents even the odds for children who have special needs.

Foster Grandparents give their experience and their talent to improve the lives of children in need. Foster Grandparents help children develop the skills, confidence, and strength to succeed in life. Foster Grandparents make their neighbor-hoods stronger by helping children with special needs achieve their goals.

Foster Grandparent Qualifications

  • Are 55 years of age or older
  • Can volunteer an average of 15-20 hours a week
  • Have limited income
  • Love children

Foster Grandparents give children the much-needed attention that can change lives. They help children learn to read, care for children with disabilities, and offer comfort to those who need it.

Benefits for Foster Grandparents

  • Annual physical examinations
  • Supplemental insurance
  • A small stipend for those who qualify
  • Help with meal and transportation costs
  • The joy of knowing they are making a difference

Benefits for Children

  • Individual attention they might not otherwise receive
  • Confidence from someone having faith in them
  • Tutoring to help them succeed in school
  • Gain advice and life skills they need to lead productive lives
  • The life-changing opportunity to know the consistent love of a Foster Grandparent

Need a printable resource?

Download Foster Grandparent Program Flyer (PDF)